In this short article, we shall discuss how to store coffee beans at home, so if you decide to buy coffee beans online and have them delivered, you know exactly what to do, so your coffee beans taste as good in the future when you decide to use them, as the day they were roasted.

Many people are told different ways to store coffee and there are many myths and misconceptions on the right way to do this. Some people believe you must store them in the fridge to to keep above room tempreture, where as others have even been told to store themin direct sunlight on a window sill, so this mini guide will give you the best, and only way to store your coffee to retain it’s freshness.

Although coffee does not “go off, grow mould or turn to dust, if stored in the wrong way, it’s flavor profile will diminish, and let’s face it, the taste is why you purchase a specific type of coffee in the first place and that taste is achieved from the hard work and time taken by the coffee lovers at the roastery.

Before I reveal the best way to store your coffee, you first need to understand the 4 main elements that will diminish the flavor, these include heat, air, sunlight and moisture, so you must avoid storing your coffee in places where these elements are present.

Now for the big reveal: The best place to store your coffee is out of direct sunlight, in a dry place and think of investing in an airtight container to keep out the oxygen, which is particularly important if you don’t drink coffee on a regular basis.