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Fly London Shoes

Fly London shoes are the footwear of the widespread youth fashion lifestyle. The youth lifestyle really is the primary inspiration of Fly London shoes simply because it is always the most energetic, fired up, and fashion loving ethnic group in almost any nation’s population. Launched in 1993, Fly London’s design idea is to come up with original fashion shoes and sneakers made using traditional approaches but with a little bit of a twist. They understand and welcome change. In reality, it really thrills them! These people are the generation that loves trying out the latest fashion, style and even music. Fly London shoes and boots have truly captured this youthful enjoyment with all their styles.

Fly London shoes and sneakers have a line which is influenced by the hottest. It’s infused with the latest music and street fashion. Fly London footwear are often distinctive and have an uncompromising design each season. This has really kept the brand name in the cutting edge of fashion. Fly London follows fashion by exploring details from different sources. This has developed a solid identity for the brand name. Fly London footwear are concentrated on fashion yet have a solid impression of individuality. They’re influenced by the current fashion yet they also give their wearer a feeling of individual confidence.

Fly London’s styles range from conventional wear, sports wear, boots, slippers, trainers, vintage, terrain to beach and more. They have an considerable range of shoes and boots to choose from for the two men and females. The Fly London shoes line truly reflects the various emotions, trends, ambitions and hobbies of young men and women. Where ever there’s youthful excitement, Fly London shoes and boots are there too! Fly London adds fashion, comfort and style to this excitement. They reflect the thrill of being young and stylish. Fly London gives you the freedom to fully express your youthful passion!

Fly London shoes and sneakers have continuously received various awards, especially for the Fly London womens shoes. They’ve been selected as Brand of the Year by the prestigious Drapers Footwear Award at three occasions already! Fly London’s quirky styles and detailing have really helped the brand name get all these awards. The well-known “Gladiator Shoes by Fly London” has really spellbound the worldwide shoes market. This concept of giving the traditional technique a twist has made Fly London shoes and boots a rage. The brand has already been featured in top publications like Cosmopolitan, GQ, Playboy, FHM, N-style and Drappers.

Fly London boots and of course shoes have truly taken the exuberance of the youth lifestyle. Their models actually reflect this excitement. They constantly captivate the international footwear market by giving classic footwear a twist, with unique and uncompromised style. This internationally recognized brand name has continually been youthful, progressive but in no way conventional. Go to your local retailer or browse around the web to get the Fly London shoes that best fit you!

Swing Time: The Pinata at your Quinceanera

Vive el pinata! As a little girl, you might have had a pinata at your birthday celebrations and possibly even at other special times. Now it’s a great way for your Quinceanera guests to have a little old-school fun. Pinatas can make a great activity for just the small children at your fiesta, a special little bit of competition for your chambelanes (or damas!) and even something the whole crowd can enjoy.

Pinatas has grown with the times, too, becoming more elaborate and stylish as audiences grow more sophisticated. They’re not just shaped like burros anymore, either! The latest and most fashion-forward pinatas can meet a variety of Quinceanera celebration motifs. Some pinata manufacturers make pinatas of everything from dragonflies to elephants. One pinata artist even built a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! The history of the pinata Pinatas have a long and elegant tradition steeped in the celebrations of everyday people. The pinata started in Mexico, and may date back to the ancient Aztec empire. The earliest kinds were probably clay pots built to please the rain god Tlaloc, and were filled with water rather than candies or toys. Another version has the first pinatas built to appease the war god Huitzilopochtli. As Mexico gradually converted to Catholicism, these rituals were phased out but the pinata remained as a fun way to celebrate festivals and special events.

More recently, the pinata became popular in the United States during the early 1980s. Many American grocery stores and party supply outlets still carry them on a regular basis.

What kind of pinata is right for you? The ideal pinata will express and accent your Quinceanera celebration theme or design motif. This can be accomplished with its shape or even just by having a matching color scheme.

You might want to specialty order you pinata if you’d like something a little unusual than what’s available in local stores. Mexican grocery stores may carry something a little more off the beaten path. There are also stores in Mexico and Central America, called pinaterias, that sell their merchandise online.

Do you have to break the pinata? Actually, no you don’t! A new kind of pinata called a pull-ribbon pinata allows you to keep the custom pinata as a souvenir of your Quince celebration. The pinata is rigged with several ribbons, which guests pull. Only one ribbon will pull a trap door set inside the pinatas bottom, however. When the ribbon is pulled, the gifts inside rain down – but the pinata itself is safe and in one piece.

The pull-ribbon technique is a great alternative for children playing indoors, and for older Quince fiesta guests who might not feel comfortable swinging a stick. And of course, it saves the pinata itself. You can modify any pinata to the pull ribbon approach in just a few short steps, too.

Fashion Trend Alert: Danskin Leotards

The fashion world is going gaga over Danskin leotard and skin-tight apparel. From leggings to footless tights to skinny jeans, everything, tight is in. Recently, fashion models are walking the runway wearing leotards. A leotard is a skin-tight garment, one-piece that covers the upper torso. It cuts off at the legs. It was originally worn by acrobats, dancers and gymnasts. However, today, it has been making resurgence in the fashion industry.

Most people think that Danskin leotards are a new trend, but the truth is that they have been around for a very long time now. It was first used in the 18th century by French dancers. In the 1920’s and 30’s, the leotard was the inspiration for swimsuits. It influenced bathing suit styles everywhere. It was also then that those who perform in Broadway shows wore leotards. In the 50’s, leotards took a break and were used simply as exercise garments and performance wear for dancers and gymnasts. They were usually paired together with tights for full coverage. However, in the 70’s, leotards played a major role in fashion. Because of disco and aerobics, leotards became very popular. They began to be made in nylon and spandex. Celebrities like Jane Fonda popularized the use of leotards as street wear. It was also then that Danskin flourished as one of the most trusted sellers of leotards.

Today, the queen of reinvention was the first to revive the leotard. Madonna wore violet and purple leotards both onstage and on her videos. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera soon followed the trend. Beyonce is also a celebrity who uses leotards in her performances. The infamous Lady Gaga also is popular for wearing leotards as every wear, and was quoted saying that it was ‘never too cold to wear a leotard’.

Some people are afraid to wear leotards, because they can be quite hard to pul off. However, there are some ways to make you seem less tacky and classier. The trick to wearing a leotard for street wear is never to go overboard. Stick to something simpler and you can easily pull it off.

You can get a lot of varieties on the leotard. However, you should avoid spandex one which are too dated and not really appropriate for everyday use. Leave those to the dancers and gymnasts. Stick to regular fabric or lace.

You can wear your Danskin leotard with any pair of pants or shorts, but they look best in high waist skirts and high waist pants. In fact, you can wear it with any bottom that you can tuck a shirt into. It provides a cleaner and even sleeker look than regular tucking. Leotards can also work if you wear them under corset tops. If you want an edgy, modern look, you can wear a corset over the leotard. You can also use it with a vest or blazer to update the look, and make it look more comfortable and laid back. There are a lot of fashion options when it comes to leotards.

Gents Kurtas — Look Glamorous the Traditional Way

If it your brother’s birthday and you want to gift him something that can match up to his class and standards and can be of great use for him then you can buy him a kurta. The Kurta is an amazing gifting option whether it is for Valentine’s Day for your boyfriend or a Rakhi gift to your brother.

Indian fashions include kurtas as a popular traditional wear that adds up oodles of grace and refinement to one’s personality. They are the most commonly worn traditional wears. Because they are decent, have a basic design they come up as a good option as party wear. They look good on men of all ages. Kurtas are popularly worn with pajamis and are paired as achkans. They are hip long shirts that are perfectly worn with jeans, trousers and dhotis. Mens kurtas are usually designed with full sleeves and are worn during special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations.

Embroidered kurtas have become a craze among the youth who don’t want to repeat the same trends of coat suits and want to add to their own styling and fashion sense in their wearing. Embroidered kurtas are also created distinctly for kids and young boys as well, where they are heavily embellished where as for elderly gentlemen they are embroidered using simple on not so glossy fabric.

Kurtas add a spark to one’s personality. Cotton men’s kurtas are the best apparel to be worn during summers as they keep the skin free due to its breathable fabric. The thread work on kurtas is what started off the trend and is still very popular with designer kurtas. The floral prints, tiger shades and hand block prints are also some popularly demanded prints and pattern in men’s kurtas.

Some fantastic designs of kurtas can also be paired with afghani salwars to form a pathani suit. Available in various colors, fabrics and patterns, these kurtas have gained immense popularity among the youth. Especially, with college going guys the leader look has worked well. Kurtas have emerged as a popular wear in both occasional as well as casual wear.

Gents Kurtas has established a distinguished image in the latest Indian fashions. It is hugely demanded by men belonging from different sections of society. Kurtas are great apparels that can be worn while celebrating special occasion with your family and friends. Choose the one that compliments your personality and set your own style statement.

The 10 Best French Clothing Brands & Stores

France has given us some cool brands over the years: Peugeot, Dom Perignon, and Perrier, to name a few. But no type of French import has had as much impact globally as the country’s fashion. Without a doubt, some of the world’s sickest fashion collections and brands have been birthed in the République Française. Since we already showed you its top 10 stunners, in honor of Bastille Day, we’re paying homage to the top 10 French brands and stores. From runway looks to Parisian street wear, Dior to Colette, check out which ones made our list. Vive la France!


BRAND: Louis Vuitton (Spring Collection)
WHY IT’S COOL: Long before ‘Ye, this quintessential luxury brand has been keeping the world stylish for centuries.


BRAND: Dior Homme (Spring Collection)
WHY IT’S COOL: Combining the expert talents of Kris Van Assche and Hedi Slimane; the former made it crisp, while the latter added a rock-star twist.
• Check out its leather high-top sneakers.


BRAND: Lucien Pellat-Finet
WHY IT’S COOL: The king of cashmere collaborated with Murakami and most recently Mr. for its fall/winter cashmere and T-shirts collection. Be prepared to drop lots of Euros.


STORE: Colette Store
WHY IT’S COOL: The newly revamped streetwear emporium carries the dopest books, gadgets, apparel, and accessories as well as limited-edition pieces.


STORE: Starcow
WHY IT’S COOL: Parisian shop fuses skater sneakers and streetwear apparel into a one-stop shop.


STORE: Surface to Air
WHY IT’S COOL: Known for its clean and simple silhouettes, this brand teamed up with adidas Adicolor and North Face Roots of Life for recent collaborations.


BRAND: April77
WHY IT’S COOL: Denim lifestyle brand deeply rooted in new French-wave rock. A favorite amongst the hipster Parisian crowd.


WHY IT’S COOL: Its raw jeans are a must in your wardrobe. The understated simplicity of this brand doesn’t detract from its luxe roots.


BRAND: Saint James
WHY IT’S COOL: Nautical brand classic is having its comeback this year—not just for the Riveria anymore.


BRAND: agnés b
WHY IT’S COOL: Originally named Agnès Troublé, this design house knows how to use patterns and florals without losing its balance of masculine and whimsical Parisian style.

How to Purchase the Best Spinner Washing Machine

Many of the up-to-date washers are today more chosen by customers because they are low price. Few of the manufacturers acquire the objective of that when they make washing machines having low expense materials; they’re able to market them fast as well as generate many advantages along the procedure. Therefore, it may conclude that a couple of the washers’ quality is poor and they don’t last as long as anyone supposed it must be. The cost of the repair is likewise extremely higher than the other branded washing machines.

People should perform a couple of research before purchasing the best spinner washing machine. It has been affirmed that purchasing substantial items with expensive amount can save them more cash in the coming years. The washers cost of the repair can sometimes be higher compare to the original cost of the washing machine.

The washers feature that people necessitate depends on how they are going to use it. For instance, if the load of the washer is heavy then it is necessary to think having a larger barrel size. The speed of the best spinner is likewise crucial because the speedier the spinner rotates, the speedier the clothing dry. Many washers are nowadays requiring fewer measure of water as well as this indirectly save few energy for the water heating.

The clothing are usually cleaned using detergent soap from the drum and sinking them back in the water. Many of the front load washing machines are mission with this usage. Individuals should understand the washer usage duration so that they are able to understand how durable and dependable these machines are. They should likewise take into deliberation that how much the washer repair could cost them prior when buying it.

Most of these machines sales representatives will aim to assure the client that their washers perform excellent compare to any other brands. It isn’t hard to discover a good washing machine that functions well. If the clothes are overly dirty, better use a superb quality washing machine detergent or strong stain remover. Don’t overfill the washer with clothes yet try to wash the clothing in a longer cycle.

Casual yet Elegant Hermes Lindy, the Next ‘It’ Bag?

Hermes Lindy, the new style released by the legendary French luxury goods house Hermes, made its first hit with pastel colors in Spring/Summer 2007. The lindy bag combines the up style of Hermes and multi-function with shoulder strap option and adjustable capability. After its resounding success in runway show, Lindy has been snapped up in famous fashion cities like Paris, Florence, and Milan etc, and spread flaming popularity through the intertwined fashion world with incredible long waiting lists. Thanks to its unique design accenting both style and function, Lindy bag is widely considered to be the nest ‘It’ bag equivalent of Hermes other luxury bags.

Lindy is a very fun, stylish and practical bag which can be transformed into two different looks for a tote or a shoulder bag. Probably, Hermes, the king of fashion, aims to launch the product with a target to modern and well-heeled youngsters, because Lindy bag is a good mix between casual and elegance, versatility and high-fashion. Quite the contrary from what Hermes used to do, this bag is of easy access and huge convenience when traveling around.

Admittedly, Lindy bag is on its way to the household staple of Hermes. It comes into two sizes 30cm or 34cm and features dual sided compartments for separate use, two exterior pockets and another two inside, double handles and a shoulder strap. Interesting as it is, the bag is for holding a lot and a little with both trendy appearances. When comparatively empty, it bends in the center and can be toted by two top handles; if you want to take all necessities and stay gorgeous as well, it expands to hold all and is perfect for being carried over the shoulder. The four pockets, two exterior and two interior, supply a great storage for small accessories like cell phone, IPod, wallet, and keys. Lindy bag appeals to fashion ladies who are fond of changing their styles occasionally. You buy one bag but actually with two different shapes. Hand-held or shoulder carrying, the bag is doomed to be eye-capturing and sought-after.

The same as other bags of Hermes, Lindy bags come a vast selection of materials and colors. The materials most used for Hermes Lindy are Clemence and Swift, others like exotic matte croc skin and bi-material toile and leather. Clemence leather is calf leather from baby bull. It is sumptuous, heavier and durable. Swift, a kind of buttery soft calf skin, is slouchy, sturdy and squishy. Clemence comes in Gold, Blanc, Blue Jean, Brighton Blue, Rouge, Rouge Garance, Raisin, Black, Raisin, Etoupe, Pumpkin, Vert Olive, Vert Anis and a few more. Vert Anis is Bright Apple hue, a wonderful shade of green. Swift has a smaller range of colors and the classic Rose Dragee is available in swift only. These luscious leathers and lovely colors are often accented with polished palladium hardware.

With casual elegance, youthful touch, great fun and super function, Hermes Lindy will absolutely stay around in the repertoire of Hermes bags. If you are enchanted by this wonderful bag, is the very place to go. This site supplies glamorous Hermes Lindy bags custom handmade to your own specification with amazing satisfaction. Lindy bag is the one of the most drool-worthy and precious bags that any self-respecting lady gotta have for her wardrobe.

Fashionable Boys Underwear Have Become Popular Than Ever Before

Wearing stylish undergarments with the right fit offers comfort and accentuate your overall appearance. After all fashion is not only meant for women and girls; boys today prefer a fashionable undergarment that is handsome and stylish. Both girls and boys love to own sexy lingerie for special occasions or just to feel at par with the latest fashion trends. In other words, fashionable underwear is a fashion statement for both girls and boys. Today low waist pants with trendy underwear is fashionable among teenage boys. Due to the increased demand of stylish undergarments among today’s fashion conscious generation, Spanx, Calvin Klein and other renowned brands have a collection of lingerie for women and boys as well. These trendy boys underwear accentuate comfort and fashion.

In the early day’s undergarments were only meant for the elite in the society as they were expensive However, today they are a necessity for boys and accentuate a sense of style for the working man. They become accessible for all ages in the early 18th century since linen boxers had affordable prices. Additionally, linen was preferred as it was comfortable. As fashion is still transforming by the day you expect to find different styles and designs of boys’ underwear. Sport briefs for boys do no differ from men’s boxers but you will notice a slight difference in terms of style and sizes. Initially, boy’s undergarments included shorts and briefs. But today you can find numerous designs including hip briefs and boxer briefs just to mention but a few. For instance, professional bodybuilders prefer to wear a certain type of undergarment with cuts to enhance the appearance of their muscles. Likewise, there is a variety of designs in sports. Sport briefs have special cuts as compared to regular shorts. Sport briefs
are made with quality fabric to allow proper ventilation during high intensity activities. On the other hand, the undergarment has micro-fibers that provide a perfect stretch when playing sports or exercising at the gym.

The changing fashion trends have brought new and better styles in boys underwear made with quality fabric. Under armour t-shirts for men also feature stylish trends. Men’s boxer stores are usually flooded with a range of products including under armour t-shirts and sports briefs of various patterns and colors, as well as different sizes. Plus size undergarments are also available at these stores. Simply put, you are always guaranteed to find sports brief that fit perfectly and the preferred design.

Many renowned brands have a wide range of men’s sports lingerie and sport briefs. These popular brands have a collection of stylish briefs for every season of the year. Made in a variety of styles and functionality, these clothing brands always have new stylish boxers to keep their customers happy. The best thing is that designer boys underwear are tailor-made so they fit perfectly as the fabric used can easily stretch. Branded lingerie and boys’ undergarments are made of quality fabric that prevents allergies and infections. Moreover, branded undergarments often pass through quality tests before they are launched in the market. You can find these popular brands in any store all around the world. Alternatively you can shop for boys’ undergarments online at the comfort of your home. If you want to buy sexy lingerie or stylish boys’ undergarments, simply browse the web for fashionable designs offered by prominent clothing brands.

Miss Me Clothing Is More Than Just Jeans

Discover the latest and greatest in fashion trends, all while keeping you looking great. miss me clothing was developed a decade ago to keep up with the racy and fun LA lifestyle. Just like the Los Angeles way of life, Miss Me offers you a diverse and stunning array of clothing. From jeans to shirts and more, you are sure to make an amazing statement in these clothes without saying a word. miss me jeans come in amazing styles, which are available in an array of cuts. From skinny, boot cut, straight and shorts, show off your legs and your panache in these incredible jeans. Find out how you can accentuate your legs and bottom with the features of stunning leather wings on the flap styled rear pockets. With the addition of rhinestones on the pockets, these jeans are stunning to wear. With oversized silver buttons, gold stitching and crystal rivets, these jeans are a dream come true. Let the world know of your love and harmony with a pair of peace boot cut jeans. Find out why these jeans are amazing to wear, with embroidered floral peace signs embellished with studs on the rear pockets, you are sure to be the talk of the town. These also have oversized silver buttons, crystal rivets and differs with white stitching, instead of the traditional gold. These form fitting jeans will make you look amazing, no matter where you go.

To add functionality and flair to your wardrobe, you can pair any one of these jeans or shorts with a Miss Me top. For a classic style, try a lace-striped top. This blouse with a removable black tank and features sleek black and white horizontal stripes. With a zipper back and lacy striping, this is a classic that will never go out of style. For a more refined look, perhaps a lace print wrap blouse is in order. With a ruffled neckline and side tie closure for superior fitting, this lace print is sleeveless and can go from day to night with ease. Whether at home, the office, or enjoying the nightlife, a black burnout blouse will get you noticed. With dramatic draping in the front, this blouse has a subtle sheen to it for that added elegance. The Miss Me line does not end at solely jeans and tops. They also have an array of beautiful dresses, suitable for nearly any occasion.

Try a timeless black dress that offers a wrap style for a superior flattering fit, with an intricate mesh styling on the shoulders and the back. Replete with rhinestones for a touch of class, this dress will flatter any body type. Perhaps you would like something a little more fresh and exciting. Well, a gauze dress is just the ticket. This incredibly cute dress offers a pleated bust line, adjustable straps and a zipper back. This stunning piece offers full lining on the inside for exceptional comfort, and perhaps the best feature of this little number is it looks like raw silk, but without the sheen. This dress is an amazing piece that will flatter even the most discriminating of tastes.

What Are Ethical Hair Extensions?

Learn the True and Ethical Cost of Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give you a beautiful head of hair. However, some ethical questions surround the procurement of hair used to create them.

Hair extensions are a relatively simple way to add volume to thinning hair, cover small bald spots or add inches to your hair with amazing results. However, some negativity surrounding hair extensions has surfaced in recent years regarding the unethical origin of human hair used in some hair extensions.

“Any hair that is willingly given is ethical. Hair that is taken from people against their will or without knowing the reason behind it, I consider to be unethical,” explains Ron King, L”Oreal Professionnel stylist and spokesman, owner of Bo Salon in Austin and creator of Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions.

Is the hair in your hair extensions harvested ethically?

In 2004, the deputy director of Moscow’s Center for Prison Reform reported that wardens were shaving prisoners heads and selling the hair to earn extra money. And the practice isn’t just reserved for prisons. Over the past decade, several stories have circulated about hair being taken from asylum patients, from children and even from the dead.

In Hindu society, many men, women and children sacrifice their hair in the tonsuring process at least once in their lives as an offering to the deities. Tonsure in the Hindu culture serves multiple purposes in various ceremonies as a symbol to show one’s love for the gods. In some temples, visitors shave their heads in or nearby the temple of the god they are visiting. It’s oftentimes used to show that the person is washing away his or her past sins and starting anew. To the donors, this is a very holy event where they give thanks or ask for a blessing. What happens to the hair next, however, can be considered unethical. The cut hair is collected at temples, sold to hair brokers and then exported to hair extension distributors in the United States and Europe.

In some instances, it can be argued that this type of hair procurement is not entirely unethical. Several hair extension companies secure their hair through the tonsuring process but then funnel a portion of the money back to the temples and into the communities to fund hospitals, orphanages, schools and other charities. Nevertheless, there should be some social responsibility and transparency in the process. After all, the people donated hair in honor of their god — they didn’t donate it to create hair extensions.

Unregulated, untraceable and unethical hair extensions

Many hair dealers throughout the world who collect, bundle, process and resell human hair refuse to discuss where the hair comes from. Whether it’s from underage girls in Russia, unknowing women in India or even corpses, it is impossible to know when dealing with unscrupulous people. The working conditions, as well as the cleaning and inspection procedures, of the middleman hair traders also have been called into question. Therefore, some hair extension distributors have cut out the middlemen completely and instead process the hair in-house at their own facilities. These companies use only ethically sourced hair that is traceable.

Many hair extension suppliers have developed ethics policies and guidelines for all their business practices. They work only with organizations that meet a set of ethical standards to ensure no exploitation or other unethical acts are committed.

“The industry is not regulated,” says Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist and hair loss treatments provider in NYC. “Therefore it is imperative to trust your salon and stylist and be confident that they are working with a reputable supplier.”

All hair used in hair extensions should be donated willingly, with the donor (or donating organization, such as the temple) receiving a fair and reasonable sum. And though many hair extension companies are adopting ethics policies, reportedly only about 25 percent of the hair imported into the United States is from known ethical sources. Before going to the salon for a headful of extensions, talk to the stylists about what kind of hair extensions they use. Research the distributor and learn more about where and how the hair is procured.

Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is difficult but not undoable, and here are some tips as to how to make it work:

1. Have a common goal.
You and your lover are not going to be in a long distance relationship forever. Sooner or later, you will settle down, so plan for your future together. When will both of you settle down? How long will you both be separated? These are questions that must be answered even if you are both living in different cities to ensure that both are you are working towards the same direction.

2. Set rules.
Rules are required to avoid unnecessary arguments. Both of you need to know the do’s and don’ts: can you date someone else or are you two exclusive? Is it okay for you to go for a drink with that hot girl in your office? Is it okay for her to go clubbing in that body hugging low cut dress that will make every guy drool? Set the expectations straight.

3. See it as an opportunity.
Simply put, be positive about it. Remember the law of attraction. If you are constantly thinking to yourself, “long distance relationship will not work”, then chances are you are right: it won’t work. Believe in yourself and your partner. Open your mind and your heart and see it as a journey.

4. Do similar things.
Read the same books, watch the same movies and listen to the same songs so you have more things to talk about. You can even watch Game of Thrones together while being on Skype video call and enjoy your girlfriend’s reactions to the bloody scenes.

And the next time you try to be funny by going “Hodor, Hodor, Hodor” in the middle of a video chat, she’ll laugh.

5. Communicate regularly, and creatively.
“Good morning” and “good night” texts are mandatory; so are regular “I miss you” and “I love you” but no matter how sweet these messages are, if these are the only messages you send, your other half is bound to get bored. Be creative. Surprise her with an audio clip of “I love you” in Japanese (“Aishiteru”), a video of you singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” or a picture of you blowing a kiss in the direction of the camera.

6. Know each other’s schedules.
Keep each other updated of your schedule. You don’t want to call her when she is in the midst of a meeting and you won’t want to be disturbed with a call when you’re sleeping. Always bear in mind of the different time zone if you two are living in different countries, and take note of important dates like exams, presentations and meetings.

7. Social media helps.
Stalk your significant other. Like each other’s Instagram photos. Reply each other’s Tweet. Comment on each other’s blog posts. Share funny videos on each other’s Facebook wall. Little things like this show that you care.

8. Give each other a personal object.
Give her your favorite Batman figurine. Ask for her Teddy Bear. None of us have a perfect memory and that’s where memento comes in. It helps us remember and helps us survive tough times. When your girlfriend is depressed because of her work yet cannot contact you due to different time zone, she might look at your Batman figurine and laugh as she recalls how you mimic Batman’s voice.

9. Snail-mail
Postcards and love letters please, gentleman. It’s old school but it’s never out of fashion, and girls of all times love it. Send gifts – Birthday, Valentine, Christmas, anniversary, and any other festive season that you can think of. It can be something as normal as perfume, or naughty gifts like sexy lingerie, if you are trying to drop her a subtle hint that you can’t wait to settle down.

Reasons To Buy Tory Burch Replica Bags

As you may know, Designer Tory Burch bags are usually priced very high, but many ladies and girls still love to buy these designer Tory Burch bags despite the huge cost involved. Designer Tory Burch bags are very well-known for their fabulous designs, fashionable styles and high quality, carrying designer Tory Burch bags seems become a symbol of rich and high fashion taste so that more and more people would like to spend much money on designer Tory Burch bags to show their rich social statement and high fashion taste. In a result, designer Tory Burch bags are always cannot meet the requirement of all people because of their limited daily output, some people who do not get the luxurious designer Tory Burch bags in time begin to go in for Tory Burch replica bags as the alternative for the time being. Meanwhile, millions of fashionable ladies and girls cannot afford to such high prices tagged on designer Tory Burch bags, what can they do to enjoy the luxury that designer Tory Burch bags can bring them? Buying cheap Tory Burch replica bags will be a good choice for them.

Tory Burch replica bags are very available in the market. Because many manufacturers of Tory Burch replica bags know it as a fact that there is a large demand in the market for the Tory Burch replica bags and they can get great benefits from making and selling Tory Burch replica bags, so they work round the clock to produce huge Tory Burch replica bags and display a beautiful collection of Tory Burch replica handbags at the local department store or on the internet. They use the same technology and equipment used in original designer Tory Burch bags to ensure Tory Burch replica bags look and feel almost the same as the original designer bags, and they use the cheap price tag to attract people’s attention. Because of the very cheap price and high quality of Tory Burch replica bags, more and more people would like to buy them. As long as you can have a look at the local fashion market, you will probably find there are huge Tory Burch replica bags over there. In reality, Tory Burch replica bags have taken a larger part in the market compared to the original designer Tory Burch bags. Besides, you can find hundreds of online websites that can offer various Tory Burch replica bags in different styles, sizes, designs, colors, etc. If you are very busy with your work, buying Tory Burch replica bags on the internet will be a good idea because you can save much time. You do not need to go to the local department stores, you just need to sit in front of your computer at home, and browse several online stores at the same time to choose your favorite Tory Burch replica bags. Once you decide to buy one or some Tory Burch replica bags at one online store, you just need to do some clicks to make a order at that online store, several days later you can get your ordered Tory Burch bags at your doorstep.

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Top 3 Changes in Modern Hospital Uniforms AKA Scrubs

When thinking of a hospital or a nursing home our vision may show a picture of the hospital staffs in clean white uniforms. If your mind shows such white, traditional hospital uniforms while thinking about a hospital scenario, then your mind is really not in the modern world. The medical scrubs that are used today have undergone many revolutionary changes. Though the working method and the hospitality of the nurses working in the healthcare facilities remains the same, the nursing scrubs used today are something really different. Just keep reading on the article to know the three interesting changes in the modern hospital uniforms.

Nursing Uniforms In Different Colors

The clothing style of the nurses where known as “uniforms” because all the nurses working in a healthcare facility or a hospital will be wearing similar pure white cloths. Those old days of spotless white nursing uniforms are history. Today, nursing uniforms come in all colors. The nursing uniforms are not limited to different colors. There are nursing scrubs with different pictures and motivational quotes printed on them. These kinds of nursing scrubs will make the patients feel better along with providing stylish clothing to the nurses. There are special nursing scrubs with cartoon characters printed on them for staffs working in child healthcare units.

Medical Uniform In Different Styles And Sizes

It is a well known fact that a single clothing style won’t suit for everyone. Things are not very different in the case of medical uniforms. In earlier days, when all the medical uniforms available in the planet used to be the same, people working in the healthcare facilities had concerns regarding the comfort. With the advancements in medical clothing, today there are different styles of medical uniforms available. People can choose the medical uniform according to their comfort. As the work efficiency of the staffs greatly depends upon the comfort of the clothing, buying the medical uniform that best suits your style requirement is essential.

Medical Uniforms Based On The Work Conditions

A healthcare facility or hospital will have different kinds of work conditions. Some staffs will have to deal with the common health problems of children while some other will be dealing with some critical illness. Hence a sensible clothing option is required for different situations. For example, staffs dealing with child healthcare can opt for the lightly colored medical uniforms with some catchy style. Staffs working in ICU units and other critical situations can wear a more professional styled medical uniform so that the patient will feel like being in a safer place who offers professional care.

Though these changes in medical uniforms are good for both patients and the hospital staffs, some people think that fashion is taking over the medical field too. The fact to be noted here is that, these changes in the hospital uniforms in not about fashion. It is about the comfort of the patients, visitors and the workers of the healthcare units.

The Author of the article is well aware about the changes that have taken place in the Hospital Uniforms. With his wide knowledge about the modern medical scrubs, he has helped many people working in healthcare facilities to find the best hospital uniform. He considers the fact that comfort of the medical scrubs is important that anything else.

The various types of designer handbags and bags

When you are looking to buy a designer handbag or bag and you are not sure exactly which one to choose we have outlined the different bag names and their individual uses. Below are the descriptions of the various handbag and bag choices available to you. Depending on your personal needs and preferences you have a large choice to choose from.

We have also included different types of duffel bags for everyday use and travel.

Type of Bags

1. A Clutch, a small, yet long (rectangular), evening bag without a handle.

2. A Satchel, a soft-sided case usually of leather, used to carry papers or books; usually has a handle and often has a strap. The strap is often worn so that it diagonally crosses the body, with the bag hanging on the opposite hip, rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder.

The main difference between a satchel and a briefcase is that a satchel is soft-sided. As well, satchels often have straps and briefcases never do.

There is some overlap between a satchel and some styles of messenger bag, however messenger bags come in a wider variety of materials and form factors, and messenger bags always have a strap.

3. A Duffle bag, a large bag usually used for travel or sports. A duffel bag (or duffle bag, kit bag, gym bag) is a large cylindrical bag made of cloth (or other fabric) with a drawstring closure at the top.

Different types of duffel bags

Rolling duffel bag Duffel bags with built-in wheels and a sturdy, retractable handle are made specifically for strain-free travelling. These bags are typically made out of polyester or other durable materials, are backed with PVC for extra durability, provide sturdy zippers, and are sized to fit within the limits of most airline carry-on regulations.

Expandable duffel bags Is perfect duffel bag for the person who always brings more stuff home from a trip than he left with.

Carry-on Duffel Bags Carry-on duffel bags are great for travelling especially when travelling by plane. But remember to check with the airline you are travelling with what weight limits apply.

Upright duffel bags Upright meets the ultimate goal of all luggage pieces with its succinct design and great capacity. With unique welded steel frame, it can withstand any hard travel condition. Being the most widely used luggage, they are perfect storage solutions for various travel needs.

Lightweight duffel bags Lightweight duffel bags are perfect for kid’s luggage. It is small in storage and rich in colors. Kid’s luggage includes backpack for schooling, and kid’s duffel bags for an overnight trip.

4. A Tote, a medium to large bag with two straps. A tote bag is normally made of treated canvas, nylon or heavy pebbled leather. Some totes come with a zipper compartment that divides the bag into sections.

5. A Messenger bag, a bag with a long strap to be worn across the body. A messenger bag (also called a courier bag) is a type of sack, usually made out of some kind of cloth (natural or synthetic), that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest resting the bag on the lower back. Messenger bags are often used by bicycle messengers, though they are increasingly becoming an urban fashion icon. Some types of messenger bags are called carryalls.

6. A Sling bag, a bag with a long strap (similar to a messenger bag), yet smaller. A sling bag is a type of handbag that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest resting the bag on the lower back. Often, as these devices are used frequently by men that carry them, related accessories, and other things in these bags, the bags are often called manpurses or manbags.

In conclusion after choosing a style that suits your personal needs it is advisable to buy a good quality handbag or bag as they will last longer, look fantastic and keep their value. When you buy a quality product such as a designer brand Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Ed Hardy, Chloe, Balenciaga, JP Tods to name just a few these are an excellent purchase for any one.

Where Are Ties Really Made

Designer neckties are made all around the world in every continent and almost in every country is home to at least one tie factory, even in Antarctica, where those penguins are the kings of style in their little suits.

There is no single answer as to whether a tie made in a certain country or even by a certain brand will guarantee perfection. In fact, designer ties vary as widely as poorer ties. Ultimately, the secret of finding where top ties are made is to know what to look for in a tie. However, it is interesting to know just where ties come from.

The first thing to understand about where ties are born is that unlike what your mother or father may have said about the birds and bees, we are looking at worms and moths instead. By explaining a little bit about how silk is made, we want to show you that it does not matter so much where ties are made as how ties are made. When it comes to that, the number one rule is that polyester ties are for work horses. We will dive into that before explaining silk.

Polyester ties are made in China, the United States, India, Australia, Latvia, Cameroon, and who knows how many other countries. Polyester ties some times carry exciting patterns or colors with them, but the purpose of polyester is survival. If you wear a tie a lot and not just wear it, but wear through it polyester neckties are the way to go. A polyester tie lasts just as long as an expensive silk necktie at usually a fraction of the price. With that said, there really is no superior make of polyester tie. When it comes to silk ties, however, we can start to discriminate between levels of quality.

Where does the tie fabric come from? Even with ties made in the United States or England, the silk is often imported from another location. Korea and China tend to suffice for most silk ties. When it comes to a truly classy silk necktie, the silk comes from Thailand. Genuine Thai silk is usually ten times more expensive than artificial silk, which may come from Italy or any other number of more fashion conscious nations as an attempt to carry more weight in the name. Genuine Thai silk is usually not shipped out from the country raw, but to buy a Thai silk tie would be to buy one entirely produced in Thailand.

Where is the tie made? As mentioned, Thai silk ties are made in Thailand. When it comes to distinguishing between the quality of other ties, take into account where the tie was made. Ties made from Korean or Chinese silk in Korea or China are generally inferior, because of cheaper materials and labor. When the silk is imported, the higher quality workmanship increases the durability and price of the tie. Often, American made ties will note that they are made from Italian silk as an attempt to merit a greater value. While it is true that this does increase the ties merit, Italian silk is not the be all end all of ties.

Is the tie hand made? Hand made ties are a necessity for a classy tie collection, and are usually made from imported materials, the fabric may be woven at another location, but the stitching and creation of the tie is what earns it the title of hand made tie. Most hand made ties will be made in the nation for the department store in question, and are found in the United States, England, France, and other European nations, as well as from Asia. Usually, hand made ties from Asia take a great deal more craftsmanship than an Atlantic made tie.