In this short article, we shall discuss how to store coffee beans at home, so if you decide to buy coffee beans online and have them delivered, you know exactly what to do, so your coffee beans taste as good in the future when you decide to use them, as the day they were roasted.

Many people are told different ways to store coffee and there are many myths and misconceptions on the right way to do this. Some people believe you must store them in the fridge to to keep above room tempreture, where as others have even been told to store themin direct sunlight on a window sill, so this mini guide will give you the best, and only way to store your coffee to retain it’s freshness.

Although coffee does not “go off, grow mould or turn to dust, if stored in the wrong way, it’s flavor profile will diminish, and let’s face it, the taste is why you purchase a specific type of coffee in the first place and that taste is achieved from the hard work and time taken by the coffee lovers at the roastery.

Before I reveal the best way to store your coffee, you first need to understand the 4 main elements that will diminish the flavor, these include heat, air, sunlight and moisture, so you must avoid storing your coffee in places where these elements are present.

Now for the big reveal: The best place to store your coffee is out of direct sunlight, in a dry place and think of investing in an airtight container to keep out the oxygen, which is particularly important if you don’t drink coffee on a regular basis.

Do you want to hire a vending machine, but are not too sure of your options or the type of vending machine that would suit your specific requirements and space, in this short article we will discuss the different types of vending machines you can hire, to help you better understand which type would be best for your situation.

Bespoke Vending Machines: The ultimate solution for businesses who want to hire vending machines is besoke, this allows the person hiring the machine to have the vending machines branded to their own company colors and even add company logos or anything else they see fit. These machines can also be designed and installed based on the specific space and environment where your machine will be placed, so if you are limited on space, where a normal machine would not fit, bespoke is the way to go.

Cold Drink Vending Machines: This option allows you to bring all your employees favorite chilled beverage brands to the canteen. Hydrated workers are happy workers and by offering easy access to the range of cold drinks provided by coca cola and britvic, your employees will be very happy indeed. These machines are ready made and ready stocked by certain suppliers, who will also maintain them on an ongoing basis, to keep things running smoothly.

Fresh Food & Sandwich Vending Machines: While most businesses with more than 20 employees offer a canteen where fresh food and sandwiches are available to purchase, there are a select few business who don’t, or what happens when the canteen is closed and your workers are starving, well, that’s where a Fresh Food & Sandwich Vending Machine comes into play. Offer your workers a selection of fresh salads and sandwiches to keep up their energy, which ultimately effects how efficient they work.

Hot Drinks Vending Machines: Our entire way of life was built via conversations and decisions made over a nice cup of tea or coffee and if your employees don’t have easy access to a nice espresso to wake them up on early shift and to keep them alert on the night shift, then every thing will come crumbling down, haha. On a serious note, hot drinks are a popular choice and having these available for your employees is a great way to boost their energy.

Snacks & Confectionery Vending Machines: These types of vending machines are ideal to allow easy access to additional body fuel for employees and a great addition to the office for customers or visitors. Machines of this type are ready made and fully stocked ready to go with some suppliers and also maintained ongoing by the best vending machine companies.